USCSS Prometheus

USCSS Prometheus is a scientific exploratory vessel featuring in the film Prometheus. It is equipped with four vectoring hybrid drive VTOL engines capable of interstellar, atmospheric maneuvering and FTL travel, these engines rotate for landing and struts descend from the engines enabling a landing on the surface. Equipped for long distance space flight, with six decks including the Loading Bay equipped with ATVs RT01, RT02, RC01 and 2 ATVs NR6s.

Prometheus sets off for LV223 in 2091 arriving Christmas 2093, the journey through space taking 212 years.

During this time David as an android doesn't need to go into stasis so remained awake monitoring the crew as they slept in their stases, he was able to achieve this by using a Neuro Visor which could link to the crew's stasis units and had the capability of seeing their thoughts and dreams during this time. When David wasn't monitoring crew members he would be cycling or playing basketball in the second Cargo Bay or learning a language or interfacing the terminals in one of the many rooms on Prometheus including in the Bridge.

Once on approach to LV223 the stasis units opened and the crew emerged, after a meal in Prometheus' Mess Hall the crew took their seats on the Bridge readying for entry through the atmosphere, with Janek at the controls. Once through, the flight crew took control, maneuvering Prometheus about the surface before selecting a landing spot on a Nazca Line feature in a canyon, which led toward a row of Alien Temples. Struts would emerged from the 4 vectoring hybrid engines which would rotate allowing a landing and once landed the Cargo Bay would descend allowing access on the surface for the crew and the ATVs.


Magellan Prelim 001 Steve Burg
Magellan Prelim 003 Steve Burg

In early unused scripts by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof the spacecraft was called USCSS Magellan before being called USCSS Prometheus. The design of the spacecraft varied only slightly from concepts into filming, minor details variations included Escape Pods aligned behind the bridge, stairs that linked the floors were converted into lifts, a smaller Escape Craft (Lifeboat), a smaller cargo bay and more areas.

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