Storm Rifle

Storm Rifle

Storm Rifles are in service by weyland personnel.

A standard issue Rifle with muzzle velocities of 800 meters per second (800m/s) a rifle of choice for off-world security.

Fabricated from heat-resistant micro-perforated titanium, the Storm weighs 1.3kgs (empty of ammunition). With unrivaled technology like satellite-guided target detection, the Storm can track and assess a threat at over 300 miles away. At close range, it fires 5.56 mm uranium carbide spin-stabilized rounds, through auto-adjusting crosshairs.

Deployment in 2024, and used for colonial peace-keeping missions.

Not used by Prometheus' crew on LV223 in the film, but a Storm Rifle is held by a crew member in the back of the RT01 when Vladimir tries to go for cover in the rear of the RT01 just after Jackson enters.

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