Biological information
Homeworld Earth
Physical description
Height 161cms (5'3")
Weight 54kgs (119lbs)
Skin colour white
Distinctions Dr. of Archeology
Equipment n/a
Additional information
Rank archeologist
Location USCSS Prometheus
Affiliation Weyland Yutani
Other Names Elizabeth


Shaw is the archeologist Dr. Elizabeth Shaw played by Noomi Rapace in the film Prometheus.

Shaw and Holloway are on the Isle of Skye in Scotland when they discover another piece of the Star Map, which they later show the crew when they emerge from stasis aboard Prometheus Shaw journeys with the crew on all journeys into the Alien Temple, later she narrowly misses getting killed by a descending and exploding Derelict and Prometheus after the crew smash into the alien spacecraft. She then is left with a few minutes of air supply remaining traveling to the ejected Escape Craft for supplies and after David communicates with Shaw she goes and collects David's decapitated head and body and heads for another Derelict setting a course off LV223.

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