Project Prometheus‏‎


David 8
Introducing David 8

Connecting our worlds

The power of productivity

Every life counts

Pioneering peace of mind

Shaping the universe

Driving progress

The Company

About Us
Better worlds start with us
The man behind the company

Weyland Ted Talk
Peter Weyland 2023 Ted Talk as part of Prometheus promotion.

Investor Information
Invest in your future

Corporate Timeline
Weyland-Yutani timeline

Weyland Announces Revolutionary Internet Explorer Partnership
DAVID 8 Pre-Orders Exceed Analyst's Best Expectations
PROMETHEUS: An Innovative New Technology For Interstellar Travel
Weyland Cybernetics Announces Immediate Recall Of David 7 Models

Careers Collaborative application exercise

Project Prometheus‏‎

Discover New Worlds
Weyland's colonized worlds

Mission Database
Explore Project Prometheus images

Training Center
Prospective applicants can apply now

Employee I.D. Creator
Join the crew of Prometheus

Continues as classified

Project Genesis
Explore Dr. Shaw's historical findings

About The Mission
Prometheus' mission
Meet the crew

Facebook/Twitter links

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