NR6s (Quad Tracks) are single man ATV's, these are similiar to quad bikes but are equipped with tracks rather then wheels. Capable of carrying two, these transport vehicle are equipped with 4-tread, track-belted wheels able to negotiate near-vertical terrain carrying small payload. With the NR6, Weyland planetary engineers are able to survey previously inaccessible areas of newly discovered proto-colonies. Vehicles reach top speeds of 88 mph in standard atmospheric pressure and gravitational pull. Variable-friction axes for front and rear wheels provide micro-torque gear adjustments for maximum safety and mobility across any foreign surface.

Weyland earns patent number 14,524,002 (February 14, 2052) for Method and Apparatus for first manned land-vehicle capable of negotiating vertical surfaces. This technology permits Weyland scientists and terraforming teams to reach previously inaccessible destinations.

The crew of Prometheus use NR6s for travelling around LV223, they are kept in the Cargo Bay along with the RT all terrain vehicles. All ATV's are maintained by mechanics who are stationed aboard Prometheus as part of their duties. During a storm they loose one of their NR6s but it is found later but didn't go any more.

Quad Track2

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