Biological information
Homeworld Earth
Physical description
Height 190cms (6'4.5")
Weight 93kgs (205lbs)
Skin colour white
Equipment n/a
Additional information
Rank botanist
Location USCSS Prometheus
Affiliation Weyland Yutani
Other Names


Millburn is a biologist played by Rafe Spall in the film Prometheus.

Millburn journeys in the Temple with the crew taking the RT01, while there Fifield and Millburn decide to split from the rest of the crew and as a storm moves in, find themselves stranded. They stay in contact with USCSS Prometheus while there choosing to stay in the Ampule Room, there they find a creature and as they near it attacks Millburn, Fifield intervenes only getting 'acid blood' splashed on him and the creatures enters Millburn's spacesuit killing him instantly.


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