Biological information
Homeworld Earth
Physical description
Height 185cms (6'1")
Weight 84kgs (185lbs)
Skin colour white
Distinctions mercenary 4
Equipment Flamethrower/shotgun
Additional information
Rank Mercenary
Location USCSS Prometheus
Affiliation Weyland Yutani
Other Names


Jackson is a mercenary played by Branwell Donaghey in the film Prometheus.

Jackson accompanies the scientists on most journeys into the Alien Temple. After Fifield returns and starts attacking the crew, Jackson and Vladimir rush into the Cargo Bay firing at a mutated Fifield, causing little effect Jackson takes cover into the back of the RT01 while Vladimir is attacked and killed. When Janek and Chance arrive moments later they control the situation with a Flame thrower and Shotgun.

On their last journey along with Weyland, David, Ford and Shaw they awaken the Last Engineer from it's Sarcophagus. Once awakened the Last Engineer sets about killing them, Jackson tries shooting the Engineer with a Shotgun but to no avail, they are all killed except Shaw who escapes and returns to warn the crew of Prometheus.

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