Biological information
Homeworld Earth
Physical description
Height 185cms (6'1")
Weight 80kgs (176lbs)
Skin colour white
Additional information
Rank archaeologist
Location USCSS Prometheus
Affiliation Weyland Yutani
Other Names Charlie


Holloway is an archaeologist played by Logan Marshall-Green in the film Prometheus.

Holloway is with Shaw and a number of other archaeologists at The Old Man of Storr, Scotland when they find another part of a Star Map, a map that will lead them to LV223.

Later aboard USCSS Prometheus and once out of stasis, Holloway and Shaw give a presentation for the rest of the crew in the second Cargo Bay. The crew then get ready for entry, landing Prometheus near a row of Alien Temples, and as soon as they land set off in the NR6s and RT01 for the Alien Temples. There they discover a Spiral Room that cleans the air allowing them to breath without their spacesuits, Holloway being the first to remove his helmet, further in they discover an Ampule Room where a mural interested Holloway and from which they collected an Engineers' Biomask and urn before a storm moved in.

During that evening Holloway is infected from some of the contents of an urn, this starts having a slow but definitive effect on him and during their next journey into the Alien Temple falls ill and needs to be helped back aboard Prometheus. On return he is burnt by Vickers who doesn't want any pathogens aboard ship, Holloway's death affects Shaw mostly who had spent the night with him.


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