Biological information
Homeworld Earth
Physical description
Height 183cms (6'0")
Weight 75kgs (165lbs)
Skin colour white
Equipment spectagraphs
Additional information
Rank geologist
Location USCSS Prometheus
Affiliation Weyland Yutani
Other Names


Fifield is a geologist played by Sean Harris in the film Prometheus.

Fifield emerges from stasis ill-tempered and grouchy, an eccentric geologist who uses spectagraphs as his equipment for studying rock composition.

Fifield is amongst the group that journeys into the Alien Temple on their first day on LV223. Once there Fifield uses his spectagraphs , setting off 4 which map the interior structure of the Temple and it's connecting corridors. The signals from the spectagraphs are returned to their ship and displayed on the Bridge's HoloTab, this allows the crew a way of visualizing the corridors and locating any points of interest. The spectagraphs lead the crew first into the Spiral Room and then towards the Ampule Room, on approach Fifield and Millburn choose to separate. When a storm approaches Fifield and Millburn get stranded and end up in the Ampule Room, here they encounter a Hammerpede which attacks and kills Millburn and in the struggle Fifield is sprayed with 'acid blood' and falls into the black liquid and mutates.

Later a mutated Fifield returns aboard Prometheus and attacks the crew in the Cargo Bay, killing Ray, Wallace, Taplow and Vladimir before being subdued by the RT01 driven by Sheppard and finally burnt and shot by Janek and Chance.

Sean Harris