Ejection Pod1

Ejection Pod

Ejection Pod is one of USCSS Prometheus' escape craft, they are in service for Weyland-Yutani, and the craft is used as a means of departure from Prometheus in the film Prometheus. These are 'Class A' individual crew ejection pods, and there are 8 Ejection Pods on Prometheus.

Before crashing USCSS Prometheus into the Derelict, Vickers uses an Ejection Pod for her escape as she disagrees in dying as a way of stopping the Engineer and Derelict.

The controls of the Ejection Pods are situated on a panel in front and on the inside, once a suited crew member enters and launches, the door slides and seals a crew member in and detaches with sufficient oxygen for a short controlled flight to the surface.

Ejection Pod
Ejection Pod2

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