Derelict is a craft used by Engineers, there are a number of Derelicts on LV223 which are situated beneath the surface and accessed through the Alien Temples.

Derelicts are referred to as Juggernauts in the film Prometheus, the Derelicts which appear on LV223 are similiar to the Derelict which appeared on LV426 in the films Alien and Aliens, although with a different Orrery smaller connecting corridors and a slightly different shape.

These Derelicts are comprised of 7 chambers, a Power Room, Hibernation Room, Analysis Room, Recreation Room, Containment Chamber, Sickbay and an Orrery.

After the Engineer is stopped from setting a course for Earth bringing the craft crashing back towards LV223, Shaw having evaded the impact collects supplies from the Escape Craft only to be confronted by the Engineer. After having released the Trilobite on the approaching Engineer she makes for the crashed Derelict to collect David, and heads for another Derelict and with David's help sets a course off LV223.

Derelict's Orrery

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