Alien Temple

LV223 is a lava rock covered planet which features in the film Prometheus.

A small planet with nazca lines features on the surface, 1.0g gravity and primordial conditions, with oceans and sulphuric clouds, around a gas giant near Zeta 2 Reticuli.
Prometheus lands on one of these lines in the film which are near a row of Alien Temples. These Temples contain a number of Chambers including an Ample Room, where a Engineers' Biomask was found, interconnected corridors and tunnels and an array of zig-zag stairs run up through the center of the building. In the lower region of the Temple that the crew explore contains a Spiral Room with a hole in the ground and hieroglyphics and symbols surrounding the door, this room purifies air from the outside allowing clean air to circulate around the Temple.

Fifield deployed spectagraphs for analysing the atmosphere, these sent signals back to Prometheus and were displayed on a Holotab Display Unit, this visualization allowed the crew to locate any points of interest. During the night of the storm they detected a life form. The next day David splits from the group choosing to follow the detected signal. On arriving David discovered a Hibernation Room full of urns and continuing discovered a Derelict deep underground, following this route, brought him into the Derelict's Orrery.

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